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What is HiGlide?

HiGlide (formerly Bowens Hi-Glide)

provides high-quality and reliable ceiling tracking systems for the suspension of photographic and video lighting.


Our systems increase your shooting space and transforms your studio into an efficient working environment by removing the need for stands and ground clutter.

As well as creating a better working environment, HiGlide also provides incredible lighting and flexibility. All of your light, accessories, power packs and backdrops can be suspended and positioned exactly where you need them; making the best use of your studio space.

Double Carriage (3D movement) BW 2603-2634

Single Carriage (2D movement) BW 2603-2634



Rails BW-2600-2601/01


Cable Management

Clear Floor For Easy Shooting


A Setup For Everyone

From basic configurations to the most advanced and customised solutions, HiGlide can be tailored to suit any type of workspace, big or small. 

HiGlide is manufactured to meet the highest quality and safety standards, providing simple and safe operation at all times in a wide variety of studios - from schools and universities through to museums, hospitals and the police force.


Manufactured in the UK

HiGlide's broad range of products and systems are entirely manufactured in the UK, both directly and though its network of dedicated distributors.



Our experienced staff and specialist representatives can advise on all aspects of HiGlide including budget, design, installation, operation and maintainence.

Regardless of your requirements, whether they are big or small, or you would just like to enquire about HiGlide, don't hesitate to contact us on the contact details in the footer.