Studio Rail Systems



HiGlide Carriages are the part of HiGlide system that connect your Pantographs to the rails and rails to each other. They are the part of the HiGlide system that enables everything glide and move along the horizontal and rotational axis.

BW-2603 Double Carriage (392g)

Allows two rails to be attached while still allowing full movement between them.

BW-2620 Double Carriage with Brake (400g)

Will stay locked in position and should be used at least one per rail to rail connection to ensure rails stay in desired position.

BW-2604 Single Carriage (400g)

Allows equipment to be attached to the rails.

BW-2660 Addalite Carriage (399g)

BW-2628 4.jpg

Specially designed carriage that can be added to a rail without removing end stops.

BW-2607 Cable Transfer Runners (130g)


Carry the cable along the rails with smooth running wheels (pack of five).

BW-2628 Six-Wheeled Single Carriage (410g)

For heavier items, the Six-Wheeled Carriage ensures smooth operation.


BW-2648 Six-Wheeled Single Carriage with Brake (600g)

A braked version of the Six-Wheeled Carriage ensures that your lights stay in their set position.

BW-2681 Top Running Cable Carriage (175g)

Transports cables along the top of the rail rather than hanging beneath.

BW-2681 2.jpg

BW-2634 Curtain Runners (444g)

Connects curtains, canvas or muslin background cloths directly to the HiGlide rail.

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