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Rail Fixings &


HiGlide Rail Fixings and Attachments are the parts that enable you to attach your rails to your ceiling or supports. Whether you have a flat stable ceiling and wall or rails and girders there is a solution for all. 

BW-2605 Universal Fixing Bracket (600g)

A full set of brackets, rail clamps and fittings to attach rails to a flat or vertical surface either parallel or at right angles to the rail.

BW-2629 Short Fixing Bracket (227g)

For fixing rails to flat ceilings

BW-2626 Scaffold Clamp (502g)

Allows rails to be mounted parallel to a standard scaffold pole

BW-2650 Adjustable Girder Clamp (1.5kg)

Attaches rails to girders (RSJ or I Beams) with widths from6 to 20cm (can be used with BW-2632 back-to-back clamp).

BW-2632 Back-to-Back Clamp (374g)

Used for mounting rails at 90° to the fixed bracket or to each other.

BW-2642 Wall Mounting Bracket (1.2kg)

Allows a single rail to be mounted from a wall

BW-2646 Triple Mount Bracket (2kg)

Up to three rails can be simultaneously connected for mounting perimeter curtains and cycloramas.

Fixed Length Drop Ceiling Support

Allows rails to be fixed at the correct height for effective operation

BW-2661 30cm Drop Support (800g)

BW-2662 50cm Drop Support (1.2kg)

BW-2663 100cm Drop Support (1.8kg)

Adjustable Drop Ceiling Support

To be used when ceiling height is uneven or when mounting the HiGlide through false or suspended ceilings which wont support the weight.

BW-2666 30-40cm Support (1.2kg)

BW-2667 50-60cm Support (1.4kg)

BW-2668 100-110cm Support (2.2kg)

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