Studio Rail Systems


  • What is HiGlide?

  • HiGlide is a studio system that allows you to remove the need for stands from your studio and replace them with an advanced pantograph suspension system that allows everything that would previously be standing, to instead be suspended from above.

  • Why HiGlide over conventional stands and tripod setups?

  • The ease of use HiGlide provides completely changes how you can implement your techniques and shooting style. Instead of wasting time lifting, re positioning and securing your equipment over and over again to get the perfect shot, with HiGlide, you just slide it. HiGlide provides a safer, cleaner, clutter free environment for your studio.

  • What do I need to use HiGlide?

  • HiGlide can be installed in any studio or building. All that is required is adequate space. Click here to check if your workplace is suitable.

  • How safe is HiGlide?

  • Safety is a primary concern with HiGlide. Every part, component and peripheral that is part of a HiGlide system has been safety checked and always has a fail-safe e.g. tethers, brakes or safety fixtures. HiGlide ensures that you, your studio, your setup & equipment stay safe, cannot fall, be knocked over or behave in any way other than intended.